Employee Call In Line

We can help your employees streamline the process of calling off sick or taking vacation or personal days.  We can customize your account to collect accurate and consistent information and deliver the message to right person. 

  • Front-line supervisors will have better account of staff by knowing of employee call-ins.
  • Communicate facility information to employees i.e. closures, delayed openings, etc.
  • Daily/weekly/monthly reports can be sent for employee record keeping.
  • Back-up generators and redundant telephony to ensure employees can get through.
  • Digital recording and storage of all calls that can be provided to you.

Quoted by J.H. – Packaging/Distribution Co. (Employee Absence Line)
“Everything has been great. We are getting the exact message that we are looking for in a timely manner.  This allows us to plan production more effectively and move personnel if needed.”

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