How to Make the Most Out of Call Forwarding (Part II)

Here are some other common types of Call Forwarding:

Call Forwarding When Busy

This feature allows for your incoming calls to be automatically forwarded to another telephone number whenever your line is busy. This is great for an office where there are fewer numbers than there are simultaneous callers.

• This feature must be set up in advance through your local phone carrier.

• Once activated, this feature will forward calls to an answering service when your line is in use so that your customers never reach a busy signal and you never miss a call.

Call Forwarding if there is No Answer

Works similar to Call Forward When Busy, except this feature forwards calls whenever the call is not answered within a designated number of rings. This is great for those times when staff is away from their desk phones.

• This feature must be set up through the phone carrier. You determine how many rings you would like the caller to hear before the call is forwarded to the Call Forward telephone number

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