How to Make the Most Out of Call Forwarding (Part I)

Most of our customers use Call Forwarding to connect with the answering service.  This feature is available through the local phone carriers and is controlled by you and them.

There are several types of Call Forwarding available through the phone carriers. Here are the most commonly used types of call forwarding and when they may be beneficial:

Call Forwarding Variable This is the basic plan.  This Call Forwarding option allows you to call forward your telephone number manually to any telephone number that you select.

Typical procedure:

  • Activated by dialing *72 and the telephone number that you want to forward your calls to.  You must be dialing from the phone number that you want to have forwarded for this to work.
  • Once you have received confirmation that you have reached the correct number (either a live operator’s greeting or a recorded message) you can hang up.  The call forwarding has been activated.  It is not necessary to actually speak with an operator to tell them that you are forwarding your phones.  In fact, most calls are forwarded at our peak call volume times so you may experience longer than usual wait times if you stay on the line to speak with an operator.


  • Dial *72 and the telephone number that you want to forward your calls to, hang up after the first ring and repeat the process until you hear a confirmation tone – this indicates that you have successfully forwarded the line.
  • The Call Forwarding feature is usually cancelled or deactivated by dialing *73 from the telephone line that was forwarded.   There is no need to speak with anyone to do this.

For more information on how you can best utilize Call Forwarding, please contact Chris Gordon at 315-255-9125 ext. 225.